State Budget Plan Moving Ahead

Rep. Paul Schemel comments on the 2019-20 Pennsylvania state budget proposal. The budget plan includes no new taxes, historic levels of funding for education, and saves for the future.

Schemel Comments About MS4 Stormwater Runoff Tax

Pa. State Rep. Paul Schemel comments about a bill that would provide Pennsylvania counties with funding for storm water management, bringing relief to ratepayers.

Schemel Comments On House Bill 321

During May 14th House debate, Pa State Rep. Paul Schemel argues against "selective" abortion simply because a child will be born with a known disability, likening the procedure to "genetic engineering".

Schemel Comments At Judiciary

Pa. State Rep. Paul Schemel comments about House Bill 111, a bill that would reflect greater diversity in court elections by dividing Pennsylvania into nine Commonwealth Court districts, 15 Superior Court districts and seven Supreme Court districts.

Schemel Opposes House Bill 1051

Pa. State Rep. Paul Schemel speaks on the House floor concerning the Statute of Limitations.

Honoring Those With Down Syndrome

Pa. State Rep. Paul Schemel comments about the celebration of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, March 21st 2019 and wishes to remember those who constribute to everyday society regardless of the affliction.

Truth and Restoration

In an effort to provide a reasonable alternative to civil lawsuits in child sex abuse cases, Rep. Paul Schemel is sponsoring legislation that would uncover the truth and compensate victims. His proposal would create a “Truth and Restoration Commission” to hear testimony from victims and institutions responsible for the abuse. The state commission would then financially compensate victims from a funding pool supported by contributions from those institutions.

A Different Approach to the Clergy Child Sexual Assault Crisis

Rep. Paul Schemel discusses a legislative proposal regarding child sexual assault cases brought to light by the recently released grand jury report.

Schemel Advocates For Disability Rights

Pa. State Rep. Paul Schemel comments about legislation that would prohibit the abortion of a child due solely to a diagnosis of possible Down Syndrome.

Common Sense Caucus Discusses State Budget Concerns

Pa. State Rep. Paul Schemel and members of the Common Sense Caucus, a group of 18 rank-and-file Republican state House legislators, held a news conference ahead of Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2018-19 budget address. They discussed their priorities and hopes for the proposed spending plan.