Feb. 06, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. Paul Schemel (R-Franklin) and other members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly heard Gov. Tom Wolf’s spending proposals for Fiscal Year 2019-20 during his annual budget address on Tuesday. The governor’s budget totals $34.1 billion, which is a $927 million increase over the current year.

Schemel issued the following statement regarding the governor’s budget proposal:

“Gov. Wolf’s budget request this year is the thrift shop of public policy; nothing new, just a return to old solutions – increase spending and increase borrowing.

“Although the governor’s “asks” are not as ambitious as his first term, there is nothing new to see here. I believe that we do have some important objectives in common which should make the budgeting process relatively smooth this year, but a deficit carried over from last year will make all budgeting challenging.

“I do credit his calls for greater transparency, which will make our state government, in the words of Gov. Wolf, “worthy of the people.” The governor has been a leader through his gift ban, which does separate public officials from the influence of outside forces. The Legislature would do well to follow the governor’s example, at least in this one initiative.”

The governor’s address is the traditional start of the budget process. The next step is a series of budget hearings by the House Appropriations Committee, which are scheduled to begin on Feb. 11.

Representative Paul Schemel
90th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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