Rep. Schemel's Response to Gov. Wolf's Spending Plan

Feb. 08, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Paul Schemel (R-Franklin) in February 2022 lamented the governor's legacy of debt following a budget address that called for $6.2 billion in new spending.

House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts Public Meeting

Jan. 11, 2022 / Embed

Public meeting pursuant to House Resolution 99.

Subcommittee on Government Integrity & Transparency Public Hearing

Nov. 04, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Paul Schemel and the House Government Committee Subcommittee on Government Integrity & Transparency hosted a hearing on “Commonwealth Transparency 101: Sunshine Act, the Right-to-Know Law, the Ethics Act and Per Diems.” Testifiers included personnel from the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission, Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association and Pennsylvania Office of Open Record.

Limitations of Prescriptive Easements for Public Use

Oct. 26, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Paul Schemel spoke in favor of House Bill 598 on Oct. 27, 2021.

Health Committee Meeting

Sep. 20, 2021 / Embed

Voting meeting on HB 1774 and any other business that may come before the committee.

Schemel Comments About Mask Mandate

Sep. 14, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Paul Schemel speaks Sept. 14 at a House Health Committee meeting about pushing back on Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam's order for face masks to be worn in all K-12 schools.

Rep. Schemel Comments At Judiciary Committee

Jun. 25, 2021 / Embed

Representative Paul Schemel makes remarks at a recent committee meeting in which impeachment is being considered.

Supporting Bill to Guarantee Access and Trust in PA Elections

Jun. 22, 2021 / Embed

During PA House debate, PA State Rep. Paul Schemel speaks in favor of the Voting Rights Protection Act.

Schemel Floor Remarks On Down Syndrome Abortions

Jun. 08, 2021 / Embed

Representative Paul Schemel urges passage of House Bill 1500, legislation amending the Abortion Control Act to prohibit the abortion of any child solely due to a diagnosis of possible Down Syndrome.

Schemel's Post Election Security Hearing Interview

Apr. 15, 2021 / Embed

With election security hearings now complete, Representative Paul Schemel gives a brief overview of the hearings.